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We hold monthly workshops in a variety of mediums. It's always a fun-filled atmosphere with lots of learning. Lunch is always included - yum! 

Upcoming Workshops

We are busy organising our next few workshops. See below for details.
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Sundays 10am - 4pm

April 10th, May 5th, June 9th, July 14th

Life Drawing Workshops

$160pp per workshop - Limited spaces

Halina will be leading us in a series of four Life Drawing Workshops.

Each workshop will lead on from the other, building skills as we go. We will be learning many techniques to portray the human body, that can be used across any subject.

Halina is an established artist proficient in numerous styles and mediums.

Teaching regularly, she shares her vast knowledge using scaffolded learning techniques to ensure her students get the most out of her workshops.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea                  ALL INCLUDED.

*NB There is a commitment to participate in all 4 workshops. With payment spread out over the 4 months.

Life Drawing 1 - April 14th

The first of four workshops will focus on Shape depicted by a Line. Learning many techniques to measure and transfer the 3D image we think we see in front of us onto the 2D paper. 

We will be learning different styles of lines to help us hone our observational skills. You will learn that different lines can portray tone and gesture.

Life Drawing 2 - May 5th

The second of this series of four will focus on Tone. And more exclusively, finding the tone and identifying hard and soft edges.  Same surfaces as first workshop and  materials will be ideally a charcoal block, willow charcoal and a kneadable eraser.

Life Drawing 3 - June 9th

The third of this series will be about the myriad of ways of applying tone, now that we can identify the shape, tone and edge.  It will focus on rendering graphite, charcoal, pastel.  Hatching with different materials and in different styles, each for a purpose. Aswell as learning reductive drawing in various situations.  

Life Drawing 4 - July 14th

The fourth and final workshop will be focussing on foreshortening and then putting it all together in a realistic life drawing setting, with a live model.

Saturday May 4th  2pm - 6pm

Trust The Process

A Wabi-Sabi approach to creative practice

$110pp - Limited Spaces

You are invited to join Gill, aka ‘The Creative Pilgrim’, in creating a unique mixed-media artwork with a small group of like-minded people.

Gill is more than a little excited to combine her interest in the philosophy of wabi-sabi with her love of all things creative process in this mixed media workshop.

In the workshop, we will be attempting to create from a space of experimentation, guided by intuition and allowing the artwork to develop in a natural unforced way. 

We will be symbolically creating Kintsugi pots using the magic of collage and other mixed media techniques to create our unique pieces of art. 

The vessels are created first (a collage version of kintsugi) and they will become a jumping-off point for the rest of the piece as we embrace imperfections, the irregular and random to follow a new path in the creative practice with inspiration from wabi-sabi philosophy. 

This workshop is suitable for beginners who would like to explore creativity and for experienced artists who may like to walk a different path

All supplies and materials will be provided with a glass of vino and nibbles to enjoy afterwards.


Check out what some of our previous participants have said...
Workshop Participant
I love it as if I'm rediscovering the artist within.  Can't wait for the next one.
Workshop Participant
Wonderful. Better than I could imagine.        Totally safe learning environment.
Workshop Participant
I loved it and want to do more! A very big learning curve.