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We hold monthly workshops in a variety of mediums. It's always a fun-filled atmosphere with lots of learning. Lunch is always included - yum! 

Upcoming Workshops

We are busy organising our next few workshops. See below for details.
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Sun October 1 - SOLD OUT

Mon October 2, SOLD OUT

Drawing with Water Soluble Graphite


This workshop will teach the use of the material as well as cover many art principles and the elements of drawing.

As always, line gets the credit but it is tone that does the work and this medium can be subtle or bold depending on application.

It is absolutely appropriate for beginners to art, and for those who have had some experience. It will help deepen the knowledge and awareness of shape, tone and edges, three fundamental concepts that are vital to all art mediums and styles.

Come along and have fun!

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea                  ALL INCLUDED.

Sunday October 29, 10am - 4pm

Drawing with Charcoal


Halina will lead you step by manageable step into a creative journey that is affordable and satisfying.    

Come and surprise yourself with charcoal.   A creative, versatile medium with possibilities of either dramatic or subtle results, some of which can be completed in less than a minute.

Come and Surprise yourself if you thought that an artistic hobby is expensive.   For a small initial outlay you can have years of creative discovery and  pleasure…. Not to mention artworks that give enjoyment and inspire others.

Come and Surprise yourself if you are familiar with charcoal and learn different ways of using the same tools for different effects.  One participant in the graphite series who thought they ‘couldn’t draw’  said that they were astonished at how many different ways you could use graphite.  Charcoal is even more creative.

Halina is an experienced teacher and successful artist with extensive knowledge and experince across many mediums.  Her teaching style is fun and generous as well as being structured and informative.  

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea                  ALL INCLUDED.

Sunday November 19, 10am - 4pm

Negative Spaces in Art


Putting down colour or tone around an object is often done in art and is indeed negative drawing or painting.   Learning to use only this technique in an entire art piece is a wonderful challenge.  Not only do you develop many skills involved with whatever medium is used, but also develops our ability to observe and put that observation into practice.

We are beginning this journey using charcoal and a biro or gel pen with a simple subject.  

Halina has had many years experience teaching with extremely positive feedback, not just for the results produced but for her approach and methods.  

Come along and have fun as well as grow a few dendrites. 

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea                  ALL INCLUDED.


Check out what some of our previous participants have said...
Workshop Participant
I love it as if I'm rediscovering the artist within.  Can't wait for the next one.
Workshop Participant
Wonderful. Better than I could imagine.        Totally safe learning environment.
Workshop Participant
I loved it and want to do more! A very big learning curve.